The World We’ve Made: Ben Rhodes on Hypocrisy, Hubris, and Humiliation

For many, America’s Cold War victory validated the country’s self-image as a “shining city upon the hill,” whose democratic ideals were worthy of emulation. More than thirty years later, as authoritarianism and ultranationalism surge around the world, many wonder whether a dark undercurrent of America’s international conduct is somehow responsible. This week, the Institute for Global Affairs’ Mark Hannah sits down with Ben Rhodes, President Obama’s deputy national security advisor. Ben grapples with this in his new book, After the Fall: Being American in the World We’ve Made. Though America in many ways remains a worthy exemplar of democracy, Ben identifies several trends in the United States, which eerily echo in Hungary, Russia, and China. 

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This podcast episode includes references to the Eurasia Group Foundation, now known as the Institute for Global Affairs.

This post is part of None Of The Above, a podcast of IGA hosted by senior fellow Mark Hannah.

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