Navigating the issues that shape our world. 

IGA strives to reach people, especially those who have been left out of the political discussions and decisions that impact their lives and livelihoods. IGA provides evidence-based and accessible information so that everyone may understand seemingly complex global issues to make informed decisions.

Nurturing the next generation of leaders.

IGA creates opportunities for underserved youth and underrepresented groups to learn about global affairs and international politics. Through engaging and easy-to-use learning materials, IGA cultivates curiosity and inspires civic engagement on global issues.

Informing foreign policy through research.

IGA conducts trusted, industry-leading research on global affairs and US foreign policy that fosters public engagement, elevates diverse perspectives, and connects policymakers and thought leaders with the preferences and priorities of citizens in the United States and around the world.

Our Vision:

IGA works to increase awareness and understanding of geopolitics and global affairs — particularly among young people and marginalized and underrepresented groups — protects and strengthens democracy and helps overcome intolerance and totalitarianism, in the United States and globally.

Our Mission:

The Institute for Global Affairs pursues industry-leading research on geopolitics and global affairs, creates relevant, objective, fact-based content, tools, and programming, and partners around the world to:

  • Drive Awareness: Elevate geopolitics and global affairs as relevant, essential, and accessible to individuals, organizations, and communities everywhere.
  • Increase Understanding: Expand knowledge of geopolitics and global affairs among the public, particularly young people and historically marginalized and underrepresented groups.
  • Support Action: Enable people everywhere to bring an understanding of geopolitics and global affairs into their daily lives and decision-making
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Our Beliefs

Geopolitics and global affairs affect each of our lives in countless ways, and civil society is strengthened when we all are informed and engaged.

Decision-making by those who have traditionally held power is often out of touch with the values, beliefs, and experiences of the broader public.

Young people play a critical role in creating a better future.

For us to advance as a global society, we must work together across divisions and differences.

Robust diversity is essential to achieving inclusive global security and prosperity.  

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