Team Members

The staff of the Eurasia Group Institute for Global Affairs and its annual cohort of nonresident fellows bring together their expertise and diverse academic and professional experience in pursuit of a common goal: to produce trustworthy and informative content that equips people with the tools they need to navigate the world. The IGA team boldly tests assumptions through independent research and analysis. They also endeavor to create more inclusive foreign policy discussions, which narrows the distance between decision-makers and the public they serve.


Allyn Summa headshot

Allyn Summa

Executive Director

Mark Hannah

Senior Fellow

Zuri Linetsky

Zuri Linetsky

Research Fellow

Lucas Robinson.

Lucas Robinson

Senior Research Associate & Digital Media Manager

Olivia Chilkoti.

Olivia Chilkoti

Producer & Researcher

Henry Scavone.

Henry Scavone

External Relations Associate

Julian Reich.

Julian Reich

Research Assistant

Nonresident Fellows

J Andrés Gannon.

J Andrés Gannon

Nonresident Fellow

So Jin Lee.

So Jin Lee

Nonresident Fellow

Max Margulies.

Max Margulies

Nonresident Fellow

Assal Rad.

Assal Rad

Nonresident Fellow

Geoffrey Swenson.

Geoffrey Swenson

Nonresident Fellow

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