Bytes: Careers in Foreign Policy

| Dec 20, 2022

Want to become a diplomat or another career in international affairs? 

These Bytes provide learners with the tools and resources to embark on a career in international affairs, whether at a nongovernmental organization or as a government official.

Should I pursue a career in international affairs?

Are you interested in traveling and immersing yourself in other cultures; learning about history and current events; interacting with new technology; and finding solutions to big problems?

Then you might be interested in a career in international affairs.

So you want to be a diplomat?

Do you want to make history?

If you have a passion for international affairs, the desire to explore the world, and want to advance the security and prosperity of your country, then a career as a diplomat might be right for you.

Geopolitics is a critical component of 21st-century civics education. In today’s interconnected world, challenges are global in scale, and they impact our everyday lives in profound ways. Learners of all ages should have access to the tools and resources they need to better navigate their futures and make their voices and concerns heard.

IGA partnered with The Rumie Initiative, a pioneer in micro-learning, to develop four micro-curricula on critical topics in the history of international relations. These lessons, delivered through Bytes, bring information to life in just 6-10 minutes. Explore our Bytes nuclear weapons, international organizations, and the legacy of the Vietnam War in the coming weeks.

A brighter future for all