Worldviews: Data-Backed Discoveries on Americans’ Opinions

With the 2024 presidential election on the horizon, the Biden administration’s foreign policy decisions will face increasing scrutiny. Some think foreign policy decisions should be exempt from regular public debate. To gain a better understanding of the concerns and priorities of voting age Americans, we at the Institute for Global Affairs compiled our sixth annual survey of Americans’ foreign policy views. 

In this episode of None Of The Above, Mark is joined by his IGA colleagues, Zuri Linetsky and Lucas Robinson, as well as media consultant Deepika Choudhary to dive into our annual report of Americans’ foreign policy views. Across partisan, age, and racial differences, our survey reveals a public attentive to global realities, and supportive of recalibrating America’s international activities. Though this survey data was collected before the outbreak of violence in Israel and Gaza, we think the discussion provides useful context for how Americans’ view their country’s role in this turbulent time.

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This podcast episode includes references to the Eurasia Group Foundation, now known as the Institute for Global Affairs.

This post is part of None Of The Above, a podcast of IGA hosted by senior fellow Mark Hannah.

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