| Mar 18, 2018

Welcome to Eurasia Group Foundation’s (EGF) newly designed website! EGF is dedicated to educating disenfranchised youth and communities around the world on pressing geopolitical issues and empowering them to take action.

Five years ago, I wrote about the threat of the G-Zero, a world where a vacuum of global leadership would drive conflict and instability. It’s clear now that those predictions have come true much faster than any of us could have expected. The institutions that have structured the world since the end of World War II are in transition, and what replaces them—and who leads the process—is still up for grabs. The economy, trade, automation, and the state of the military are sectors that will see significant change in the coming years, with major implications for citizens’ lives.

The globalized economy, in particular, has benefited many, but it has simultaneously failed countless others. According to the World Bank, an average of almost 50 million people escape poverty each year. A remarkable achievement. But millions of others have suffered because politicians and world leaders have made decisions that neglect their interests. The populist uprising in the West, seen in Brexit, and the US elections, point to a general mistrust of politicians and institutions. Many feel left behind, disconnected and detached from issues that affect them the most, prompting them to build walls, literally and metaphorically. Our stakeholders need a strong understanding of these forces to influence change.

EGF works to ensure thought leaders and policy makers view issues from a broader lens and consider the concerns of people who have been left out of the conversation. Ultimately, EGF is working to build bridges in place of those walls and enable our stakeholders to be a part of policy decisions. We are committed to working in concert with a variety of experts, institutions and corporations to ensure the best information and solutions are provided to our stakeholders. I am personally committing my time—as well as the energy of the experts at Eurasia Group—to this valuable effort. I am also pledging two percent of Eurasia Group’s annual profit to EGF’s work. That said, we can’t accomplish our mission alone.

We hope you will join us. We are building a partnership of people who care about these issues and want to support real and meaningful change. Our success depends on you and people like you around the world. Become part of our critical mission by signing up to receive updates about our work and share it with others who care about the empowerment and involvement of people on the issues that most affect their lives. Finally, your financial support is critical to our success. Please consider making a donation.

I look forward to updating you on our work.

Ian Bremmer
Founder and Board President
Eurasia Group Foundation

P.S. For me, this isn’t just a professional issue. I grew up in a single-parent home in the housing projects just outside of Boston with my mother and brother. It was a foundational experience. I understand how people and communities can feel disconnected from the issues that profoundly affect their lives and livelihoods. My vision expanded greatly when I traveled to the Soviet Union at a young age. For the first time, I became exposed to the amazing variety of customs and expectations of people across the globe. So much of what I saw was different from my experience. But so much was the same. Hard working people wanting to take care of their families and communities and to get a fair shake in life. It has informed my work and thinking ever since. It is the reason EGF exists.

A brighter future for all