New EGF Podcast Explores US Foreign Policy

May 6, 2019

As the United States confronts an ever-changing set of international challenges, our foreign policy leaders continue to offer the same old answers. Enter the None of the Above podcast, in which EGF seeks new answers and fresh ideas. As part of the Independent America project, the podcast aims to move beyond the inside-the-beltway interventionist status quo to suggest alternative, affirmative visions for American foreign policy.

With some of the money we currently spend on unnecessary weapons systems and vast networks of overseas military bases, what kinds of investments could we be making in education or infrastructure, or healthcare for veterans? How much of our national debt could we pay off, or what kinds of tax cuts could we offer American workers? How might we refocus on America’s vital national interests and recommit to engaging the public in the foreign policy decisions which affect their lives? In the current moment, what should America’s grand strategy and regional objectives be?

In None of the Above, EGF’s Mark Hannah asks leading global thinkers for new answers and new ideas to guide an America increasingly adrift in the world. Visit the podcast’s website, or find us on iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud or Spotify.


This press release includes references to the Eurasia Group Foundation, now known as the Eurasia Group Institute for Global Affairs.

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