America’s Other “Endless War”: What the US Can Learn from its Experience in Vietnam

The Vietnam War was a long and bloody war in American history. Yet, today, Vietnam is one of America’s most important diplomatic and trading partners in Asia. How did we get here? What can the United States learn from reconciliation with Vietnam? And, how might we carry those lessons to America’s seemingly endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? IGA senior fellow Mark Hannah traveled to Hanoi to speak with experts who know the relationship best. Featuring interviews with Nguyen Qui Duc, Lien-Hang Nguyen, & Vu Minh Giang.

This video includes references to the Eurasia Group Foundation, now known as the Institute for Global Affairs.

This post is part of Independent America, a research project led out by IGA senior fellow Mark Hannah, which seeks to explore how US foreign policy could better be tailored to new global realities and to the preferences of American voters.

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