Education Vision

Engaging the next generation in our global future

COVID-19 is a catalyst that set in motion an unprecedented and rapid change at a global scale, which continues to transform how we learn, work, and live. Education must respond to effectively prepare our youth for their futures.

We are now seeking partners to support a significant expansion of our education efforts. Over the next year, the Eurasia Group Institute for Global Affairs plans to develop three new curricula on pressing topics that will significantly impact the world our children inherit, such as climate change, global health, and artificial intelligence. We plan to refresh existing content, grow our outreach to teachers and other educators, and reinvigorate our marketing to ensure our education content reaches as many students as possible. To support this expansion, we are growing our staff and implementing technology solutions to connect students and provide them with a networking platform to support their continued growth. 

The need for this information has never been more urgent. And the opportunity to create real and lasting change that impacts individuals, communities, countries, and our world has never been better

Brighter Future For All

Teaching students about important global forces equips them with the tools they need to navigate their economic futures, to choose fulfilling careers that enable them to thrive in a global economy, and to become informed and engaged citizens and leaders. These benefits are foundational to creating and sustaining vibrant democracies around the world, and are advantageous to society as a whole. 

Expansion of our curricula on global forces will shape a future generation that will profoundly change the world.

Our students are:

  • Informed. Armed with tools and insights to evaluate news in an era of disinformation, they have a more objective view of the world and are knowledgeable about the factors that impact their lives. They are able to make informed decisions for themselves and others.
  • Engaged. With a deeper understanding of the impact public policy has on their lives, they have a greater desire to participate in and influence the democratic process.
  • Empowered. Our education removes barriers to full participation in economic and civic life for all by empowering young citizens to advocate for themselves and the greater good.
  • Ready to lead. Our students grow to be informed, engaged, and empowered citizens ready to protect global democracy, work towards peace and security, and respond collectively to global health crises and address urgent issues like climate change.

IGA’s driving priority is to create a new “Global Civics” platform that provides young citizens with the tools, information, and skills to help them understand the major events shaping their lives and ultimately help them overcome this moment of fragmentation. IGA is working to create systems that help young people network and establish the connections that will empower them to make their voices heard in a rapidly changing world order.

Education Projects

A brighter future for all