Institute for Global Affairs x The Rumie Initiative

Take a Byte out of Geopolitical Uncertainty

Geopolitics is a critical component of 21st-century civics education. In today’s interconnected world, challenges are global in scale, and they impact our everyday lives in profound ways. Learners of all ages should have access to the tools and resources they need to better navigate their futures, make their voices and concerns heard, and shape themselves into the leaders the world needs

IGA has partnered with The Rumie Initiative, a pioneer in micro-learning, to develop four micro-curricula on critical topics in the history of international relations. These lessons, delivered through Bytes, bring information to life in just 6-10 minutes. Stay tuned as we release more micro-curricula on nuclear weapons, international organizations, and the legacy of the Vietnam War in the coming weeks.

Do Countries Have Friends?

International organizations like the United Nations, European Union, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization dot the global landscape and can often provoke controversy.

These Bytes clear up misconceptions learners may have and help them make sense of the role these organizations play in today’s world.

Nuclear Weapons & You

What are nuclear weapons good for, anyway?

These Bytes take a look back at the Atomic Age, from the Manhattan Project and the Cold War nuclear arms race to today’s nuclear era, to help learners think thoughtfully about the unthinkable.

Remembering the Vietnam War

These Bytes help learners understand the history of the Vietnam War so they can think critically about the assumptions and pressures which lead to conflict and the devasting impact wars leave behind both at home and abroad.

Careers in Foreign Policy

Want to become a diplomat or have a different role in international affairs? 

These Bytes provide learners with the tools and resources to embark on a career in international affairs, whether at a nongovernmental organization or as a government official.

A brighter future for all