Zuri Linetsky on The China Project’s “Live with Lizzi Lee”

| Oct 12, 2022

New EGF Survey Reveals Americans’ Changing Views on US-China Policy

Featuring Zuri Linetsky

This discussion occurred on The China Project’s The Signal with Lizzie Lee on October 12, 2022. It includes references to the Eurasia Group Foundation, now known as the Institute for Global Affairs.

How do Americans think about US foreign policy towards China? According to a survey conducted by the Institute for Global Affairs, a small majority of respondents think the US should move more troops onto bases in allied countries like South Korea and Japan. However, respondents ages 18 to 29 tend to believe otherwise.

When survey respondents are asked if the United States should commit American forces to defend Taiwan if it went to war with China, a plurality of survey takers (42%) say they didn’t know. But the percentage of people who think the US should defend Taiwan declined by eight percentage points, compared with previous results.

Featuring Zuri Linetsky

Zuri is a research fellow with the Independent America project at the Institute for Global Affairs.

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This post is part of Independent America, a research project led out by IGA senior fellow Mark Hannah, which seeks to explore how US foreign policy could better be tailored to new global realities and to the preferences of American voters.

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