China in Context: China’s politics in 2023

| Mar 28, 2023

SOAS China Institute

China’s leaders have claimed that the country will contribute to one third of global economic growth in 2023. They also boast that China is more stable than many other countries, which are experiencing problems related to high inflation and bank failures. Yet China faces economic pressures which seem to be holding back a strong rebound following the lifting of Zero-Covid restrictions. In this podcast, Zuri Linetsky from the Institute for Global Affairs in Washington DC discusses the political and economic outlook for China with Duncan Bartlett, Research Associate at the SOAS China Institute.

Zuri Linetsky

Zuri is a research fellow with the Independent America project at the Institute for Global Affairs.

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This post is part of Independent America, a research project led out by IGA senior fellow Mark Hannah, which seeks to explore how US foreign policy could better be tailored to new global realities and to the preferences of American voters.

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